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Laboratory analysis

As a subsequent stage of commodity inspection and in order to offer “one –stop shop” service to our customers, we at Control Union Bulgaria offer assistance in obtaining laboratory tests results, through sending the samples formed during inspection to independent laboratories with an appropriate scope of accreditation, duly verified by our staff.

Depending on the client’s preference, the laboratory used can be within those part of the Peterson and Control Union (Control Union Romania, TLR Rotterdam etc.), as well as other independent ones outside the group, providing that they have necessary accreditations.

Given the close and logistically convenient location of Control Union Romania laboratory in Constanta, cereals, oilseeds and feed samples are mainly analyzed there. The expert staff engaged in laboratory services, modern equipment and environment, provide short time for analysis and high quality execution of orders. Control Union Romania laboratory is approved by GAFTA, FOSFA, and also ISO17025 accredited for analyses of cereals, oilseeds and meals, by the Romanian accreditation body RENAR.

Control Union Bulgaria offers its customers “fast delivery service” – delivering of samples to Control Union Romania laboratory in Constanta “within the same day”.

If you need assistance or professional advice, please contact us. Being a part of Peterson and Control Union’s international network of companies, including service companies and a many laboratories, we believe that we will be able to answer your needs.