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VS – Vegan Standard


The global market for vegan food and non-food products is expected to grow significantly while product launches have already more than doubled over the past five years. Many brands have already started to work to make vegan products mainstream while a shift is led by consumers throughout many industries including food, textile, cosmetics and furniture.

Control Union Vegan Standard serves as standard for non-animal products and good practices throughout various industries anywhere in the world.

  • Products do not contain animal products or by products, nor clarified or finished with animal derived products. Specific requirements with insights about animal derived ingredients for each sector.
  • No animal testing of products which is criticized for animal welfare and non-effectiveness.
  • No genetic modification of products which are known to have a long-term health and environmental effects.
  • The standard is a tool to identify and assess good practices covering production, processing and transportation.

Control Union Bulgaria is delivering VS-VEGAN STANDARD certification services on behalf of Control Union Certifications B.V.

How you benefit

Besides animal welfare and health concerns, sustainability is one of the main drivers for the increasing importance of vegan lifestyle, suggesting that animal-derived products have a higher carbon footprint.

  • Applicable to variety of sectors
  • Geographical reach and global reputation
  • Great chance to become one of the forerunners for the Vegan movement
  • Clarity and trust of which products to buy