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SBP – Sustainable Biomass Program


The Sustainable Biomass Program (SBP) was founded by major European utilities that use biomass in power plants to certify sustainable wood biomass for energy use. Certification starts at the biomass producer, making forest certification no longer the only way to proof sustainability compliance.

The goal of the SBP is to comply with the legal, regulatory and sustainability requirements in the European Union. The SBP framework offers a more holistic approach in its requirements and focuses on the implementation of current developments in society. Special attention is given to social compliance, land use change and biodiversity.

SBP covers the whole supply chain from forest to consumer. The framework is a mill centralised certification scheme, which differs from forest centralised certification schemes. However, if the sourcing area is already certified, obtaining SBP approval for products is relatively easy.

For more information, please visit the website Sustainable Biomass Partnership.

SBP consists of multiple standards:

Standard name
Applicable for
SBP Standard 1Feedstock Compliance StandardBiomass producers with uncertified supply base
SBP Standard 2Verification of SBP-Compliant
All biomass producers, also with 100% certified
supply base
SBP Standard 3Certification Systems requirements
for certification bodies
Certification bodies (Control Union)
SBP Standard 4Chain of CustodyAll legal owners of biomass in the supply chain
SBP Standard 5Collection and Communication
of Data
All legal owners of biomass in the supply chain
SBP Standard 6Energy and Carbon Balance
End-users of biomass to produce energy / heat

Control Union Bulgaria is delivering SBP certification services on behalf of  Control Union Certifications B.V.

How you benefit

By obtaining SBP certification you are assured of market access to the European Union. This certification also assures compliance with harvest legality, required by the EU Timber Regulation.

Control Union Certifications is highly experienced in auditing for sustainable biomass standards and we have been the only certifying body for the Green Global standards for many years. We can provide the necessary support to improve your business so that it is compliant with the SBP standard.