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Rainforest Alliance (RA)


The Rainforest Alliance’s certification program enables farmers to conduct better farming practices, improve working conditions and take better care of their children and the environment. Aiming development of the certification system, for two years now ,  Rainforest Alliance has joined forces with UTZ, the other best-known system for certifying sustainable agricultural practices. 

This created the current Unified Rainforest Alliance 2020 certification program, or RA 2020, which helps farmers improve their production, generate more income and create better opportunities while protecting the environment, respecting labour rights and using natural resources of the Earth in a sustainable way.

If your organization is part of the supply chain of certified products, then labeling your products (coffee, cocoa, tea, nuts, fruits and vegetables) as RA 2020-certified will attract more socially responsible buyers, retailers and consumers.

Control Union Certifications is an officially recognized certification body with many years of experience. We certify both farmers and their groups under the RA 2020 Sustainable Agriculture Standard and companies in the supply chain of certified products (such as mills, processors, producers and traders) under the RA 2020 Supply Chain Standard. We offer this certification to customers and goods worldwide.

Supply chain certification is required for all participants who acquire property, physically process and / or claim products for compliance with RA 2020 standards.

Control Union Bulgaria is delivering RA certification services on behalf of  Control Union Certifications BV.

How you benefit

Advantages of certification for farmers:

RA 2020 is an internationally recognized standard, highly valued by both consumers and suppliers. The standard for sustainable agriculture and its implementing rules are designed to add value to certificate holders by promoting more sustainable agriculture and responsible supply chains. Rainforest Alliance certificates are currently used by more than two million farmers and thousands of supply chain companies worldwide.

Advantages of certification for actors in the supply chain:

Consumers are increasingly demanding to know where their products come from and that they are obtained responsibly. Joining an internationally recognized certification scheme, such as RA 2020, demonstrates to customers your commitment to both people and the environment and helps create a world where sustainable agriculture is the norm.