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Plastic Free Certification Mark


Certification of the award-winning Plastic Free Trust Mark, now known as the Plastic Free Certification Mark, by A Plastic Planet has resumed with a new standard in place that is managed by Control Union.

Control Union has worked with A Plastic Planet to develop the certification standard that enables brands and businesses to verify their products and/or packaging as 100% plastic free.

The Certification Mark is a clear, unmistakable logo which appears on the front of packaging to inform consumers that it is not made of plastic, but alternative, more environmentally friendly materials. It also demonstrates a brand or business’s commitment to a sustainable future without plastic packaging.

To be considered as plastic free, Control Union audits against set criteria to ensure a product and/or packaging is manufactured from compostable materials, or other materials, such as glass, wood or metal.

Once awarded, the Certification Mark can be applied to retail-ready products, material products and packaging products.
For more information on the Plastic Free Certification Mark and the new certification standard, please call +44 (0)20 7488 2210 or email


How you benefit

The Plastic Free certification is the first of its kind, using clear language to give customers complete confidence that products bearing the Plastic Free Trust Mark are truly plastic free.

This third-party certification is a great way to provide assurance that a retail ready product, a material or a packaging are conform to the Plastic Free standard. Not only it is independent, and cost-effective, but also results in safer and more reliable products, immediate acceptance in the marketplace, and instils consumer confidence.

The Plastic Free Certification Mark is an aspirational mark of excellence and demonstrates a commitment to a sustainable future of packaging without plastic. Designed for the shopper, not for industry, the Plastic Free Certification Mark sits clearly on the front of pack where it tells you one thing: This packaging is 100% plastic free.