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Certified Gluten-Free

Gluten Free Certification Program (GFCO)


An increasing number of people have seen affected their ability to digest gluten, a protein present in alimentary products. This sensitivity has been shown in different levels, in the most extreme case as complete intolerance known as celiac disease. A 100% Gluten free diet is the only existing treatment for celiac disease today. For this reason, the demand for gluten free products continues to rise and millions of consumers worldwide are looking to make the safest buyer choice.

The Gluten Free Certification Scheme (GFCO) is designed to protect consumers with gluten-related disorders by confirming that a product meets strict standards for gluten-free safety that can be sold worldwide.

Control Union Bulgaria is delivering GFCO certification services on behalf of Control Union Certifications BV.

How you benefit

GFCO will help you to gain consumer confidence in products and manufacturing for you to be successful in this market, and increase their loyalty considering that:

  • GFCO program sets the highest standards in quality control and assurance; and maintains close monitoring of manufacturer compliance with program standards.
  • GFCO program confirms the legitimacy of the manufacturer’s gluten-free processes, procedures, and claims.
  • Within the market, the Gluten Free (GFCO) logo make it easier to identify safe and trusted products that are highly demanded by consumers and restaurants.
  1.  Review GF documents documents available at:
  2.  Register your manufacturing plant(s) at Registration is necessary before applying for   product certification.
  3. Contact Control Union at A local representative will contact you with Program Information and estimate costs. 

Control Union also offers other Food Programs worldwide like RSPO, GMP+, Organic, PrimusGFS, HACCP, BRC among others. Combining audits increases your products’ safety and consumers’ trust and potentially reduce time and resources for your company.