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Bio Suisse


Bio Suisse is the Swiss organic market’s private label and the owner of the registered trademark Bud. Its standards are private law guidelines and exceed the minimum legal requirements in essential respects (EU-Eco-Regulation 834/2007 or equivalent). Operations outside Switzerland complying with the necessary standards and wishing to supply their products to Switzerland can obtain the Bio Suisse certification

Bio Suisse certification

A valid organic certification equivalent to the Swiss Ordinance on Organic Farming (for example, Council Regulation (EC) No. 834/2007 or NOP) is the basis for a certification according to Bio Suisse standards abroad. In general, a buyer/importer of the products in Switzerland must be named.

International Certification Bio Suisse AG (ICB), the subsidiary of Bio Suisse, carries out the certification. Detailed information is available under


Control Union offers a Bio Suisse inspection and in most countries we can combine it with the regular organic inspection. Please contact us if you wish a Bio Suisse inspection in addition to the EU organic inspection.

Control Union Bulgaria is delivering Biosuisse  certification services on behalf of Control Union Certifications BV.

How you benefit

Through third-party verification, we motivate your (quality) claim independently towards your clients. Furthermore, traceability and contamination risks can be managed better by certifying your management system and/or your product.

With 200+ certification programs, we are able to conduct combination audits saving time and expenses for our customers.

As a result, you will benefit from a ‘front runner’ position in the eyes of investors, rating agencies and other analysts and have an improved stakeholder communication.

Our network of offices in more than 70 countries allows us to make certification more efficient and cost effective, whilst upholding the same stringent professional auditing and certification procedures.