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2BSvs – Biomass Biofuel Sustainability voluntary scheme


The French 2BSvs certification scheme is related to the sustainable production of biomass. It is particularly relevant to biofuel producers and their suppliers, such as traders and cooperatives, regarding raw materials from organic origin, including agricultural and forest products.

The 2BSvs certification scheme is recognised by the European Commission and was developed by a working group composed of representatives of the biofuel sector in France. The directive 2009/28/EC, referred to as Renewable Energy Directive (RED), on the promotion of the use of energy from renewable sources, introduces two renewable energy targets for 2020: 23% in global consumption and 10% in transport. 2BSvs certification allows the sale of sustainable biomass or biofuel from cereals, oilseeds, protein crops, other crops or waste and residues.

Further information on 2BSvs certification is available on the 2BS Consortium website.

How you benefit

According to RED, 2BSvs certification allows for the sale of sustainable biomass or biofuel. The 2BSvs scheme is usually less expensive and easier in several ways than comparable schemes.